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New System Enables Patients to Locate and ‘Match Up’ with their Ideal Physician

CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA —June 23, 2015—Today Body1, Inc., a leader in digital marketing solutions for healthcare, launched a new cloud-based system for connecting patients with suitable, short-listed physicians, based on the patient’s specific needs and criteria.

Body1’s Physician Finder™ System (PFS) allows patients with specific medical needs to find the best physicians and clinics to treat them.  As a unique offering in the market today, this advanced finder seamlessly integrates social and mobile capabilities, with big data analytics, to facilitate optimum physician selection.

"Patients and families have a pressing need to find—and engage—the right physician, clinic or other expert for their personal health needs.  To date,patients struggle, and that need has not been met by current solutions which are available in the market,” said Chris Messina, CEO of Body1, Inc. “Our experience at Body1, in connecting online with millions of health consumers, clinicians, and innovators, has highlighted this urgent need to improve physician and patient ‘matching’.  Consequently, we have shaped a solution to meet these needs—to best match consumers, clinicians, and health care innovators alike."

The Physician Finder System is currently matching over 30,000 local physicians with patients across 15 countries.  In just one example in a current Physician Finder implementation, patients are empowered to connect with innovative global cancer treatment specialists.  Another deployment of the Physician Finder System helps patients in the United States connect with local vascular surgeons for varicose vein surgery.

The Physician Finder System is scalable from two to 2 million clinicians or practitioners, per implementation.  Organizations ranging in size from large medical technology firms and integrated hospital networks to walk-in clinics and small medical device manufacturers are all expected to benefit by utilizing the Physician Finder System for revenue growth.

“My team and I have analyzed ground-breaking medical technology for over 30 years,” said Dawn VanDam, President and CEO of One Million Solutions in Health™. “In our opinion, Body1’s Physician Finder™ System is a completely innovative and disruptive approach to solving a critical health problem.  By leveraging advanced software and cloud technology, Body1 has built the most robust way for a patient to find the ideal physician for their specific situation or medical condition.”

Body1’s Physician Finder™ System is one of the solutions in its Expert Locator™ Suite, which also encompasses tools for locating health clinics and medical suppliers.  More information is available at Body1.net/PhysicianFinder or by calling 617-576-9400.

About Body1

Body1 is a medical software firm based in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA USA).  It provides revenue-generating digital platforms for medical marketing and education.  Body1’s fully-integrated solutions start with interactive strategy formulation, and then continue from software development through to search engine optimization (SEO).  Body1’s mission is to “Connect People with the Health Information that Matters Most to Them”.