Web Platforms for Medical Marketing

social media

  • Social Media tools
    • Twitter screen & feed module
    • Social Media Automated Tracking & Response (ART) module
    • Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn cross-linking module
    • Crowdsourcing module
    • Social media aggregation hubs
    • Registration management module
    • Clinical e-mail databases
    • RSS feeds
    • Compliance tracking
  • Social Media services
    • Social media policy development
    • Facebook page deployment and management
    • Twitter feed content creation, monitoring and response
    • LinkedIn optimization
    • Pinterest page creation and maintenance
    • Cross-channel social media content creation
    • Regulatory reporting
  • Physician engagement


 “I have found Body1 to be a tremendously innovative partner, both intelligent and creative. As a marketer who appreciates authenticity, I also have found Body1 refreshing for their ability to challenge assumptions, develop unique solutions, and execute rapidly and with precision.”

– Dahvie James, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Abbott Diabetes Care