Body1’s client partner SafetyNet, a division of the publicly-traded Lojack corporation, provides a service which helps track people at risk of wandering, a potentially fatal condition. SafetyNet’s web presence prior to Body1 was fragmented and heavily text-based. It had no e-commerce capabilities, forcing interested parties to solely rely on telephone contacts.


Body1 completely rebuilt and now hosts the SafetyNet website. The rebuilding process started with compelling visuals to effectively tell the stories of those at risk and those who love them. As a further step, a widowed Wordpress community blog was fully integrated into the site.

A zip code localization feature was deployed. A full e-commerce system was deployed and integrated with the PayPal and Payflow online payment systems and quad SSL security certification so that prospective customers could rapidly and securely sign up for the service online.

All the components were integrated into Body1’s powerful Content Management Service (CMS) for easy management by SafetyNet personnel. To maximize SafetyNet’s impact in mobile environments, Body1 utilized responsive web design and HTML5 so that the site would tell its compelling story on both iPhones and iPads.


Even though the total investment required for the project was less than 1 full time equivalent (FTE), the results have been strong. Traffic to the site is up by 200%+. Online sales are on pace to grow from 0 to 25%. SafetyNet personnel are able to sign up customers at events using the iPad. And more lives are saved.

client feedback

“We chose Body1 as our web partner because they really understood the unique demands of both healthcare and our business. They have exceeded our expectations…

Our launch schedule had considerable complexity and critical deadlines; Body1 went the extra mile to meet them. They were flexible and highly reasonable in responding to our evolving requirements. And Body1 did all this while adhering to our budget guidelines!”

~ Kathy Kelleher, VP and General Manager, SafetyNet