Body1’s client partner the Harvard Business School Health Industry Alumni Association (HBSHIAA) consists of leaders managing billions in revenue and many thousands of employees, often in public companies. The HBSHIAA’s leading fund-raising activity is an annual conference that regularly attracts healthcare leaders such as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner, the CEO of Pfizer, and the President of the American Medical Association (AMA). The conference site however was pedantic, textual, and fragmented. Related e-mail campaigns suffered from similar faults.


Body1 rebuilt and now hosts the HBS Health conference website. An integrated e-mail template was delivered as well. The rebuilding process started with adding compelling photo visuals and taglines to effectively tell the stories of those in this foremost network of leaders. Since both the quality and number of images (100+) was high, a caching system was built to maintain performance of the site across multiple browsers.

Related domains were acquired and aliased to facilitate traffic growth and eliminate confusion. In addition, an orphaned HBSHIAA Twitter feed was fully integrated into the site and these elements linked into Body1’s robust content management system (CMS). Body1 personnel also hosted multiple roundtable discussion forums on social media in conjunction with this conference. 


Traffic to the site as measured by Alexa increased by 140%. Anecdotally, several conference attendees stated that they chose to attend the conference after viewing the visual stories of the leaders who had already participated. With the help of these new participants, the best healthcare leaders network became even better. 

client feedback

"I recommend Body1 to any health care or life science organization looking for a strategic web partner to develop mission critical applications. We are a demanding organization... Body1 not only lived up to our expectations in their work on our new conference site with integrated e-mail and content management systems, they exceeded it.

One characteristic that really sets them apart is that they are never satisfied with “good enough”. In our experience, Body1 really pushed to make their work for us “great” and exceed not only our expectations but their own as well."

~ Karen Kajmo, Executive Director
   Harvard Business School Health Industry Alumni Association