A diversified and growing specialty pharmaceutical company needed a way to get attention for a breakthrough vaccine for tick-borne encephalitis (TBE).


After a review of the clinical literature and consumer health reports showed that awareness of this life threatening disease was low, Body1 developed a detailed condition awareness site. This included compelling, animated graphics, a clinical physician-to-consumer educational video, and relevant public health resources. A filtered and curated “travel health” Twitter feed was then also integrated into the site.

To drive awareness, Body1 launched a corollary social media campaign. Elements of the campaign included a managed social media program on Facebook and Twitter. 


After re-launch, traffic to the site increased 3 fold, as measured by Alexa. A global pharma partner of Body1’s Client Partner liked the product and the campaign so much that they acquired both. Body1 continues to manage and host the site for the global pharma acquirer while assisting its specialty pharmaceutical client online so they can focus on doing more deals.

client feedback

"I recommend Bodyl for any private equity investor seeking a web partner for any healthcare portfolio investment. Bourne Partners recommended Bodyl to Theramed Corporation, a Canadian specialty pharmaceutical company. Theramed hired Bodyl to redo, host, and manage their websites, for three main reasons:

  1. Bodyl's deep competence in both internet technology and life sciences, which allowed them to cost-effectively deploy a "best in class" web presence while adhering to regulatory standards.
  2. Bodyl's ability as a single source partner to handle all aspects of the websites - design, coding, copy writing, hosting, and ongoing search optimization, thus minimizing the demands on Theramed management's time, so they could focus on building their business.
  3. Bodyl's results-oriented focus, which has already led to a 46% improvement in Theramed's search engine presence in less than 2 months.

Even though the Bodyl team had minimal oversight from Theramed's management, they went "above and beyond". Besides being incredibly professional, Bodyl far exceeded Bourne Partner's and Theramed's performance expectations. My team at Bourne Partners and Theramed's management couldn't be more pleased."

~ R. Banks Bourne
Senior Managing Director,  Bourne Capital Partners