Body1’s client partner, a major medical device manufacturer, needed an integrated way to better engage active patients with diabetes. Reaching those who frequently test was a major objective.


Body1 started by recruiting and convening in-person and off-line focus groups to better understand the specific needs of people living with diabetes. The psychographics of those with diabetes were studied extensively as well. From these focus groups several clear needs emerged.

As a result of these needs, an initial online customer relationship campaign was developed to inform and engage existing users of the company’s products. Video interviews of active consumers with diabetes were produced. Leading clinical specialists in the field were interviewed and their wisdom was disseminated online.

Consumer interviews lead to the identification of three specific needs that could be uniquely met online: 1. Personalized and intelligent tools for self-care; 2. a community intelligently aggregating content, people, and functionality around diabetes self-care and 3. mobile management. Utilizing in-house and contracted clinical expertise, a patented knowledge-generating process, and in-house algorithms, Body1 deployed multiple consumer tools including body composition management, product selection, and depression screening.

As an Apple-qualified iOS development partner, Body1 then optimized many of these functions for mobile platforms such as the iPhone. An intelligent mobile App, dFree was then created to organize these capabilities by physical, financial, and emotional needs. 


While the specific details are covered by an existing confidentiality agreement, the online CRM lead to a significant increase in measureable engagement of the client partner’s existing customers. In addition, public data show that the diabetes community has become one of the leading online chronic care communities with traffic growing 50%+ annually. The cumulative impact of these programs delivered Body1’s client an ROI exceeding 300%.

client feedback

"I have found Body1 to be a tremendously innovative partner, both intelligent and creative. As a marketer who appreciates authenticity, I have also found Body1 refreshing for their ability to challenge assumptions, develop unique solutions, and execute rapidly and with precision."

~ Dahvie James, Senior Product Manager, Abbott Corporation