Body1’s client partner, a cosmetic surgery device manufacturer, needed a way to educate patients on a new breakthrough laser surgery technique. This technique has special efficacy in reducing or eliminating scars.


After researching surgical and non-surgical alternatives to treating scarring, Body1 interviewed leading clinicians to fully elucidate the breakthrough nature of the new technique. Then patients suffering from scars were interviewed to determine what content and tools would be most useful to them.

Consequently a condition awareness community site was built with unique embedded consumer health tools. Social media—Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube—were deployed and imported to fully position the community as a leader in the cosmetic treatment space. Targeted e-mails utilizing proprietary Body1 lists were deployed to expand both clinical and consumer awareness of the site. Regular updates are provided to Body1’s Client Partner’s sales force to keep them apprised of the lead-generating impact of this marketing program.

Delivering qualified patients to trained physicians in a Stark-compliant fashion is integral to the site. International physician finders with geo-location and mapping were deployed across three continents. Potential patients can therefore connect directly with leading practitioners of the new laser surgical technique. Intelligent metrics are collected and tracked and HIPAA-compliant aggregated data on the numbers and types of patient leads are automatically reported to the clinicians. 


By driving qualified patients to expert clinicians this integrated marketing program is delivering a ROI exceeding 250% per year. Cumulative annual traffic growth for the site is over 65% per year. Clinical profiles that appear on the site routinely place Body1’s Client Partner physicians on the first pages of the major search engines. Most important, the program is showing consumers that, "No, scars do not have to be a lifelong brand."

client feedback

"Body1 is a valuable partner to us as an organization for three vital reasons. First, they provide an independent portal for patients to talk to surgeons and other patients. Second, they show people the surgical technique. And third, they deliver information to people who need it."

~ Ron Sparks, serial medical device CEO
(Smith & Nephew, Accellent, Navilyst)